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The Sims 4 - Dragon Ball Z Goku & Krillin Cosplay Set

The Sims 4 - Dragon Ball Z Goku & Krillin Cosplay Set

Goku & Krillin from Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Set for The Sims 4 by Cosplaysimmer.

Goku and Krillin are respectively the protagonist and a major character of the hit Anime and Manga series Dragon Ball. Goku is an adopted orphan who grows up surrounded by the nature and possesses superhuman strength since young. He meets his best friend, Krillin, when the two are both accepted to be in-training disciples of Master Roshi a.k.a. The Turtle Hermit. Goku is later revealed to be an alien (Saiyan) sent to Earth from the planet Vegeta as an infant. With his memory erased, Goku is able to grow up while mingling with humans and to later becomes one of its greatest Defenders and the leader of The Dragon Team.

Krillin is a young monk who is determined to train to become stronger to defeat the bullies in his village. Despite somewhat opposite characteristics and personalities, Goku and Krillin grow close through countless combats and experiences and remain best friends even after growing up.

Character (C) Dragon Ball

Download includes Goku’s Hair (normal black version and Super Saiyan version), Krillin’s Hair (shaved with forehead marks), Goku & Krillin’s Outfit,  and Goku / Krillin Shoes (2 swatches).

Download from our Patreon page here. (For Tier 4 patrons as early access, Tier 2 and Tier 3 patrons can download this set from 4 March 2020).


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