The Sims 4 – Xenosaga KOS-MOS v4 Cosplay Set

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The Sims 4 - Xenosaga KOS-MOS v4 Cosplay Set by Cosplay Simmer

KOS-MOS version 4 from Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra – Cosplay Set for The Sims 4 by Cosplaysimmer.

KOS-MOS is a specialized anti-Gnosis android prototype model that was developed by Vector Industries, under the supervision of Division Chief Shion Uzuki – the female protagonist of Xenosaga series. KOS-MOS has a total of 4 different body types and is equipped with a wide range of powerful high performance weapons specially designed to combat against Gnosis, the scientific name for an alien-like monstrous entity that roams the futuristic world of Xenosaga. As an android, KOS-MOS shows no emotion and most of the time will only act as programmed or ordered.

Character (C) Xenosaga III

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KOS-MOS’s Hair

KOS-MOS’s Body

Recommended: Robot mod by kawaiistacie at MTS. Download here.


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6 Replies to “The Sims 4 – Xenosaga KOS-MOS v4 Cosplay Set”

  1. Beautiful! So very Beautiful! ^_^ Would you consider making other Characters from the Xenosaga series too? I would love to have Albedo in my game… ^_^ Also do you have Tray Files to Download the Characters fully done like Lunar Eclipse’s Kuja? Your Characters Faces is so Beautiful i don’t think i can recreate them with as Faithfully as you did… ^_^

    1. Thank you very much for your compliments. There is no plan to release the sims models used in our creations yet. But I’ll update you when or if it happens.

  2. OH MY GOD! I literally cried when I saw this. It is awesome that someone made a character from the Xenosaga series. :’D

    Xenosaga have always been one of my favorite games (and I don’t have a lot of favorites) and this post made me happy lol.

    1. Hi Luna, our earlier stuff do not have the other LODs, so you will need to switch your graphics setting for sims level of details to the highest in order to see the items properly.

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