The Sims 4 – AOT Levi Ackerman Cosplay Set

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The Sims 4 - AOT Levi Ackerman Cosplay Set

Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan – Cosplay Set for The Sims 4 by Cosplaysimmer.

Levi is the squad captain of the Special Operations Squad in the Survey Corps. He is widely recognized as humanity’s strongest soldier. Levi is known for his ruthless and vulgar demeanor, but ultimately a responsible captain and has a caring side to him. Despite his short stature, he is the most adept and skillful fighter in the ranks of the Survey Corps, capable of inflicting heavy damage and slaying multiple titans at one go.

Character (C) Attack on Titan

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Levi’s Hair

Levi’s Outfit & Boots

Blades / Swords by Studio K Creations (Not included). Download here.


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8 Replies to “The Sims 4 – AOT Levi Ackerman Cosplay Set”

    1. @DM: Hello, I was using game version up to with all expansion packs until Parenting installed. Make sure you have the same version in order to see the content. Thank you.

  1. i read a reply and you said you had all the expansion packs until parenting. does that mean we can’t use it if we have that pack? bc the hair doesn’t show up in game for me either.

    1. The hair should show up for you if you have parenting and any other packs before it. If you have newer expansions I’m not sure if it will work.

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